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Comic for: September 12th, 2011
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Dungeons & Dragons: "The Breakup"
Posted: Monday September 12th, 2011 by

Let me start by saying two things: First, I did NOT just buy a bunch of gaming stuff. It's been slowly accruing since the first game night we had. Second, I have no idea if I've been tossed from the Sunday Night D&D group. My group re-invite request via Facebook just hasn't been accepted.

I will admit that I removed myself from the group in a huff. But not a huff really related to the group itself. **shrugs** Into every gaming group a little rain must fall.

Truth is our schedules have all been so ridiculous we haven't been able to play D&D in months. We started playing HeroQuest for that very reason. But that seems to have gotten old as well. Now I have a stack of printed campaigns and a boatload of space monster miniatures. **sighs**

I dunno what the future holds for the Sunday Night D&D group, but if you live in the Denver area, are curious to see my tiny house, and want to play some tabletop games, please feel free to pass along your arrest record and I'll see what I can do*.

* To be clear here, I would have to know you fairly well before I invited you to my house. So that's really more of a joke than anything.

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