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Comic for: October 18th, 2011
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BlizzCon 2011: "Gift Horse"
Posted: Tuesday October 18th, 2011 by

I'm not about to get into the massive discussion that is why I hate TSA's full-body scanners. Let's just leave it at "Woody doesn't like them, and could very well skip BlizzCon just to avoid them or the pat-down option to them".

Typically Blizzard brings me into Anaheim for BlizzCon by way of John Wayne Airport. So when they sent me my flight confirmation data, I completely overlooked that they were flying me in via LAX which was one of the first airports to adopt full body scanners. I saw it today and was totally deflated. (Note: as of next month John Wayne Airport will have full body scanners in place as well.)

When Blizzard first invited me, I told them about my aversion to these machines. They made note; I thought. But, here we are. **sighs** I let them in on the oversight, but we only have two days before I head out. The options are limited. On top of that, I checked DIA. They have the machines fully employed now too. They're not just on a side concourse that I've never used before. My frustration truly blossomed at this point.

So you know, I've decided to go. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I don't randomly get selected. If I do, I'll opt for the pat down, demand a private screening, demand the right to choose the person who conducts the pat down, and read a printed message about my views while the pat down progresses. Their decision to randomly select me will become an exercise in time consumption.

For the record, my Blizzard contact apologized, tried to find a way around the scanners via different airports, and we're going to work far in advance on the options for next year.

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