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Comic for: October 21st, 2011
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BlizzCon 2011: "No Contest"
Posted: Friday October 21st, 2011 by

The costume contest is one of my favorite parts of BlizzCon. Well except when you're sitting in the press area and douchenozzles with cameras that didn't get a seat early enough, rush the aisles that are supposed to remain clear, blocking your view and making a nuisance of themselves. **coughs** Sorry about that. Happened last year. I still haven't let it go.

I don't means fans by the way. The fans did a fine job. The douchenozzles mentioned above were members of the press. I know as press we enjoy a little bit more freedom at the event; But if it's a fire hazard for fans, it's a fire hazard for press. Moving on.

Anywho, I can honestly say I've not seen a non-Blizzard costume at BlizzCon yet. That's a little interesting to me. Sure the costume contest itself is restricted to Blizzard property inspiration, but the rest of the even isn't is it? Where my Stormtrooper painted green wearing Orc armor man?


BlizzCon 2011: Day Two Wrapup is posted.

BlizzCon 2011: Day One Wrapup is finally posted. Bring a snuggy and a cup of cocoa, it's a long one.

The badge situation has been rectified; I can now move around the floor as intended. I'd like to thank the Blizzard person that helped, but I'm not sure if thanking him would also get him in trouble. So I'm going to have to just say "Thanks" and hope that's good enough.

UPDATE from the Con...
Last night I picked up my badge and goodie bag. I noticed that it wasn't color coded, but figured it was something new they were doing. When I got back to my room I noticed there wasn't a press kit in the goodie bag. Hmm. Alrighty. They told me to come up to the press room. I wonder what's up. Accident maybe?

I noticed different badge types walking to the convention center. I got concerned but figured I could get it taken care of in the press area. Nope, I couldn't enter the building early. Wrong badge type. **grumble** Texted my contact, and got the response that I had a "general" access badge. I appreciate that Blizzard wants me here for BlizzCon. But it's hard to be made to feel special when promoting their stuff, then treated like an average Joe once you get here.

"Why is it so important to have a press badge?", you ask. Well, it's not as easy to navigate when you don't have one. I don't have a place reserved for me when I run from one announcement to another. I don't get to skip to the press section of the game demos which keep me from having to stand in line for hours (missing other announcements, discussions, and interviews). I also don't have access to the room dedicated to press where I can sit, process the information, report on what I've seen, and talk to other press folks about the event. I'm not here to "enjoy" the show; I'm here to report on it. There's a difference.

So yes, I'm looking this particular gift horse in the mouth. And all I ask going forward... is that Blizzard be consistent with how they handle some of us.

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