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Comic for: October 28th, 2011
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Batman: Arkham City: "Two Roads Diverge"
Posted: Friday October 28th, 2011 by

Long time GU reader, DashCat sent in a recent experience with Gamestop. There wasn't much room to compress it without completely messing up the idea. But here's the story exactly as he sent it:

So I just went to buy my copy of Arkham City from the fine folks at Gamestop, and expecting the "Do you want a reservation" question, I said. "Yes sir, I would like to reserve a copy of The Old Republic". I put my $5 down on the game, and expected that to be the end of the reservations conversation. But no. He had one more.

"Hey, we're taking reservations on the Nightwing DLC for this game! Would you like to put money down on it?"

I responded by staring at him with an absolutely dumbfounded look on my face and replied...."What's the point? I can just hit a button on my xbox and it gives it to me". He responds with "But we'll send you the code right to you!". I left the store before bothering to explain that it actually involves *more* effort, as I'd have to enter a redemption code....

Thanks DashCat!


I haven't completely loaded my plate, so Commissions are still open. If you're interested now is the time. Work work work. **grins**

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