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Comic for: November 9th, 2011
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Cockatrices"
Posted: Wednesday November 9th, 2011 by

This Sunday was the first time our group played a member down. Traveling home from our previous encounter, we stopped to rest in a clearing littered with statues. I was immediately ill at ease. These statues were of common men in non heroic poses and they were not placed atop any kind of pedestal. My first thought was that something had turned real people to stone. But, the group decided to stay despite my concerns.

I asked for and received double watches and luckily my request was granted. As the sun began to peak over the horizon, the fourth watch encountered an issue. One of the two had been turned to stone like the statues around us. Oddly enough, it was the member who couldn't play that night. Hmm... wonder how that happened? **taps chin**

Failing a nature check, thus not knowing what they were nor how to deal with them, I flapped my armored arms and squawked at the things. That didn't have the desired effect. I failed saving throws to become immobilized twice. **whistles** I suggested early on that I was going to eat one and look for eggs. It was morning after all. Demon Chicken Omelets with a little Irongut thrown in would be perfect for breakfast. I also suggested to the Goliath, a degenerate gambler, that we should capture one and train it to fight so we could establish our own little betting ring.

Oh and we used the feathers to cure our ally. **shrugs**

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