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Comic for: November 24th, 2011
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Touch My Katamari: "Go Ahead..."
Posted: Thursday November 24th, 2011 by

You know, I'm not ever sure where to start this writeup. So, I guess the best idea is to start with the facts. Sony's PSP replacement, the VITA, is currently slated for a February 22nd release date. Namco has announced a Katamari release title for the unit called "Touch My Katamari". People with dirty minds laughed.

Typically I'd ask "how could a game company ever think that was an okay name for a game". But, the truth is that the Katamari series is so weird, it's really the only title that makes any sense. See in this version of the game, as you roll your Katamari about -collecting paper clips, seagulls, and little boys- you can rub your fingers on the back of the VITA and change the size/shape of your Katamari, stretching and squishing it to fit in places that would have been tough before.

And of course since I'm one of those people with a dirty mind... everything I just said sounded completely inappropriate. Ah well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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