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Comic for: December 26th, 2011
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World of Warcraft: "Noob"
Posted: Monday December 26th, 2011 by

All but a couple of people have flown the Bloody Plunder coop. But one person who is there is Hezluzluz, and while I wiped the blood of the Greench from my swords once more he asked the question in the comic. My response was "no" as it seemed to me to be too complex for the kind of chucklenut that tosses "noob" at people without ample provocation.

I recommended "douchenozzle" instead. It covers the necessary bases I feel. Concise, to the point, not a lot invested in its fabrication or delivery.

The other person in the comic is Galifrae, the DM from our Sunday Night games. He's torn through content to hit his 70's in just a matter of days. He's the only other person I can say I've seen on consistently. So his inclusion is me nodding in roughly drawn approval.


I wanted to end with an apology for how late the comic is. But it's the holidays and I went sledding with Taks, theKid, and a friend of ours. It was my first such adventure but I enjoyed myself. As did theKid. He's fearless. He went down several times on his own, giggling all the way. He even laughed when we went down together and bit it. So yeah, sorry the comic was late. Totally not sorry for the reason it was late.

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