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Comic for: January 23rd, 2012
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Terminology"
Posted: Monday January 23rd, 2012 by

In D&D 4e, being able to"mark" a target means they suffer penalties for attacking anyone but the character that marked them. And in the case of Lucien, he actually gets an attack on them when they take a swipe at someone else.

Let me start by saying this; we use colored glass tiles to let us know when targets are bloodied, slowed, etc. It'll make sense later.

Accepting the bountiful dog jokes, DubbleJ has stopped saying he's "marking" a target and says instead that he's pissing on their leg, like he's marking his territory. I thought it was clever. So now we use a yellow tile for "marked" targets. He still hasn't explained how he has time to drop trow and piss on every monster adjacent to him, but that's okay. I forgive the oversight.

DubbleJ has been a great addition to the group. He's learning the system fast. Unfortunately his character tends to rush into combat. Like I didn't have enough trouble trying to strategically plan with a Goliath Barbarian in the group.


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