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Comic for: January 27th, 2012
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Star Wars: the Old Republic: "Nerfed"
Posted: Friday January 27th, 2012 by

A few days ago Ben C. sent me a "comic idea" that was little more than suggesting that I use a play on words centered around the use of the term "nerf" in MMO culture and the existance of actual nerfs within SWtOR.

Initially I shrugged it off because well... it's too predictable. (Sorry Ben.) But with our trip to go tubing down a mountain quickly approaching, I left no option unexplored. So I looked into what races/classes/skills SWtOR players were currently calling for nerfs and found something Georg "Observer" Zoeller, the Principal Lead Combat Designer on SWtor, posted a to the SWtOR forums a couple of weeks ago. You can read it here: Notes on BioChem and Cybertech in Game Update 1.1.

The idea bloomed from there. A nice big "what if" with a visual pun to boot. It's not exactly what Ben had in mind, but I think it works well enough.

(Special thanks to Melissa for directing me to reference material for in game GMs.)


I've responded to a good number of commission requests but I still have room for a few more.

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