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Comic for: February 6th, 2012
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Hero Quest: "Defense Roll"
Posted: Monday February 6th, 2012 by

With the Superbowl occupying most of the D&D geeks Sunday, we opened our table to the geeks Saturday. With half the table missing we decided to run a game of Hero Quest.

Since our pal Dubble J hadn't played the game in over a decade, we decided to start from the beginning. For those of you that have never played Hero Quest, the first one is an initiation by fire. It's brutal. I managed to kill three people and i wasn't rolling great. Table Rule healing, and a flubbed roll kept them in the game. It was crazy.

To explain the dice, each six sided die has 3 skulls, 2 white shield, and 1 black shield. Skulls are successful attacks. White Shields are Hero defense rolls. Black Shields are Monster defense rolls. Every Skull not defended equals 1 body point of damage. The Barbarian starts with 8 body points. So the roll in the comic going undefended (no white shields) means I've taken half his life in a single attack. BRUTAL.

I love Hero Quest.

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