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Comic for: February 9th, 2012
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Skylanders: "20 Million"
Posted: Thursday February 9th, 2012 by

Being a toy junkie, I've known about Skylanders for a while now. But, I know how strong my addictions can be. And, I have strong concerns about what this game could do to me. Of course it's only gotten worse lately with all the news about the follow-up Skylanders Giants.
(Note: Links to the Skylanders website may have sound. Check your volume before clicking.)

Today though I saw the news that Activision has sold over 20 million of the Skylanders toys. This game is one of those "if I weren't so broke" items for me. I love toys and I have a strong feeling that this game would eat me alive if for no better reason that it tickles my "must buy toys" button.

If you're reading this Activision... email me, let's talk.


My apologies for the late, half-colored comic. I was working on a big project for a friend for a D&D game he's running this weekend. Fancast members I'll be uploading all the artwork I did shortly.

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