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Comic for: February 16th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "Lego Minecraft"
Posted: Thursday February 16th, 2012 by

I followed this story for a bit back before LEGO said "Yup". You see the Minecraft/Lego communities rallied to convince the Danish block maker to make sets based on the Minecraft game.

Let me preface this by saying I think it's awesome that the Minecraft community was able to push this idea through and that LEGO said yes. Okay, onto business...

I don't understand. Micecraft is about building, for the most part. And LEGO are building blocks. You just mimic what you've build in game with colored LEGO blocks. Are there special set pieces I'm unaware of that would be specific to Minecraft? From the pre-order sets I've seen, not really. [more info] Just a handful of printed pieces for the people and creepers.

Anywho, despite my personal confusion, I hope Mojang and LEGO do well in this. It's cool anytime a community speaks and a company like LEGO listens.

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