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Comic for: March 7th, 2012
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Gaming News: "Sort Of"
Posted: Wednesday March 7th, 2012 by

So I sat down at my desk this morning to find a message from Stormhaven. It started with an description-free link and was qualified with the text you see in the final text bubble of the comic: "that's sort of like the entire marketing department leaving at once, isn't it? :P" Upon clicking the link I found the following headline: Peter Molyneux has left Lionhead. Sub header: Joins new company called 22 Cans. [more info]

Molyneux admitted last year that he was bored with working on games the same way. So this isn't really a surprise. But, one would be justified, I think, in believing that he would negotiate changes in a studio he co founded rather than jumping ship and heading to a new studio altogether. Now, just because one would be believing in thinking that doesn't mean there's any surprise at all that Molyneux would just pick up and move on. As Stormy hints at, he's a one man hype machine (typically to the detriment of the game he's hyping). So Molyneux tweeting that he's headed to new studio means free press for said studio. Cut and Paste Molyneux sameness.

If he really wants to impress me he won't pimp his next game by promising five times more than he can actually deliver.


[Thanks for the joke idea Stormy.]


I found a box full of old GU coloring books last weekend. So I decided to add them to the GU store. If it tickles your sense of nostalgia... they still have the old "/gu..." logo on them.

/gu... Coloring Books

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