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Comic for: March 14th, 2012
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The Zapper!: "Encyclopedia Britannica"
Posted: Wednesday March 14th, 2012 by

I read late last night that, after 244 years in existence, the 2010 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica will be the last print version. And, when the current inventory is gone, there will be no more printed. [more info]

I can't say I'm sad or anything. My family never owned an Encyclopedia set when I was growing up. And with the oh so easy to use internet, I see no reason to buy an Encyclopedia Set for theKid's use. A 120+ pound, 32 volume set of books costing around $1400 just isn't practical for us.

"So what's the plan?" you ask. The Encyclopedia Britannica is going to continue to be available in a digital format. Britannica Online is currently available for $70 per year. And unlike it's printed sister, it is updated constantly. Though if you absolutely must have to have it physically sitting on your shelf, the 2012 Ultimate Reference DVD is available for $40. **shrugs** Just saying.

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