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Comic for: March 26th, 2012
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Dungeons & Dragons: "For Moments Like That"
Posted: Monday March 26th, 2012 by

I play a Warlord in D&D 4e. My role is to try to make the battle field work in favor of my companions. They move in such a way that me giving them the ability to move is wasted. So instead, I heal and give them more opportunities to hit. We joke that my weapon is 7 feet tall, because I tend to call on the Goliath to make additional hits.

Last night as we approached the big bad our initiative was such that the Goliath immediately followed me. The big bad was heavily bloodied but the Goliath was out of position. So, I rushed into combat, burnt a daily because even if I missed (and I usually do) I'd get half damage on him and everyone in the group would have a +3 to hit him. So as luck would have it, I hit him, the DM professed his disbelief, and the entire table began applauding. I even got a standing ovation out of it.

Silly yes, but their teasing was well warranted. I know my role and I know my rolls. I took the risk and for once it paid off. We play the game for moments like that.

Side note: I did enough damage to kill the big bad.


Sorry I wasn't able to squeeze you in there Dubble J and Taks. I tried. But the sketch just wasn't working, so I had to crop in tighter.

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