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Comic for: April 6th, 2012
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Prime World: "Seems Legit"
Posted: Friday April 6th, 2012 by

Nival, a Russian game developer, LONGS for your women. Prime World, the game they're currently working on, gives your team bonuses when it includes a mix of women playing female characters and men playing male characters. In an interview with The Penny Arcade Report, Nival revealed that they would incentivize the process, giving ladies a discount when they purchase additional heroes. [more info]

Initially Nival said it would see how the "audience" responded to the bonus before adding more. But as the news passed from venue to venue, picking up gamer rage as it went, Nival position became liquid. That is to say, guys playing guys now get discounts as well.

I talked to Taks about this idea. She waved it off with a comment about ladies night at the bar (very similar to something the author said himself) and then suggested that the game would determine whether a payer was female or not by having them press their chests against two circles on the screen. This amused me, thus the comic. The truth however is far more creepy. The game connects to your facebook account and checks there for your real life gender...

Yeah, I'm out.

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