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Comic for: April 17th, 2012
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Dungeons & Dragons: "As A DM"
Posted: Tuesday April 17th, 2012 by

My pal, and fellow D&D-er, dripnote, has told me over and over again that I need to listen to the Penny Arcade podcasts hosted by Wizards. [more info] I've watched the video streams from PAX and enjoy them. But finally decided to listen to the podcasts last night while I was working. And I will be blunt with you hear, after listening to Chris Perkins, a DM from Wizards, I have come to realize that I'm a horrible DM.

"Why would you say that Woody?" you might ask. Well... I don't always have the answers, or at least I don't flub the answers quickly enough to keep the game flowing. I don't do voices, because I sound silly in my head. In defense of myself from myself though, I do try to make sure to say yes. I try not to limit my players from doing things they think is cool. I try to make sure they have the gear they need to deal with the campaign at hand. I build up the maps so there are visual 3D elements that help immerse them in the encounter. And, I endeavor to provide them adventures that thrill them, make them fear death, without actually killing them.

So yeah, I'm not really a horrible DM. I'm decent, I think. But listening to these podcast, I can definitely see plenty of room for improvement. I do so enjoy playing D&D with these guys, as a character on Sundays AND as a DM on Fridays. Thanks guys! Seriously.

That in mind, I'd love to hear some of your favorite tabletop role-playing DM memories. (good experiences or bad)


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