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Comic for: April 19th, 2012
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Anti-Dipshit Avenger: "What Now?"
Posted: Thursday April 19th, 2012 by

Now, this is a really old story; but I was only JUST linked to it last night. Apparently -way back when dinosaurs ruled the earth- in 2007 at a Publicist's Guild Luncheon, George Lucas told the crowed that the Empire Strikes Back was the worst of the Star Wars films. These were his exact words when speaking of Sid Ganis, the in-house publicist on Star Wars: Episode Five – The Empire Strikes Back, "Sid is the reason why The Empire Strikes Back is always written about as the best of the films, when it actually was the worst one." [more info]

Now, it is my sincerest hope that he was just joking to amuse the crowd and to support Sid Ganis. But I think he deserves an ear punch for it, joking or not. I know everyone won't agree, but in my mind Empire is the best of the movies. By a fairly wide margin.

It's probably wrong of me to ear punch for a wrong committed 5 years ago. But hey... I'm a nerd. My nerd-rage boils eternal. **grins**


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