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Comic for: April 25th, 2012
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Star Wars: the Old Republic: "On the Defensive"
Posted: Wednesday April 25th, 2012 by

Let me preface this writeup by saying this comic/writeup isn't really about SWtOR, this comic/writeup is about being careful with what you say and, more importantly, WHEN. Moving along. In a report I read yesterday Bioware said they were currently doing "anything and everything" to increase concurrent user numbers. [more info] And they proclaimed that SWtOR subscriber numbers were not dropping.

Here's the thing about that though, the proclamation seemed unprovoked. It felt like they were stemming a discussion before it started which of course leaves us with the impression that the opposite is true. I honestly think the better bet would have been to just say nothing at all. If the number are there, even if the concurrent numbers are off, the subscriber numbers will show themselves in the end.


End of the month is coming up quickly and we're so close to covering the deficit left by the poor January ad sales. Just a few more panel purchases, donations, Doodle sponsorships*, and we're all square. I'll stop pestering you. Well, except for the Daily Doodle sponsorships, I'm really enjoying being able to "finish" some of those.

Speaking of Daily Doodles... I'm posting today's early (not waiting til 6pm). Hit the @gucomics Twitter account, I think you'll like it:
Daily Doodle: "Tank Girl". (Already sponsored.)

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