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Comic for: May 16th, 2012
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Diablo 3: "Puny Human"
Posted: Wednesday May 16th, 2012 by

After having a Diablo manifestation in yesterday's comic, I decided to play what-if today. That is to say... what if Diablo had a similar server issues? But what would Diablo play? Well, he'd go destroy stupid, pitiful humans, obviously.

I was right, by the way. Didn't get to log any play time yesterday. Today looks like it's a "no" as well. I did log in a couple of times to add friends and saw none of the server issues that were being reported throughout the day. Watching it all unfold on Twitter you could almost feel the frustration seeping out of the Blizzard staff. It might be a bit middle-grounder of me to say it, but it honestly seemed like Blizzard wanted to resolve the issues as much as we did.

Unlike so many other folks out there, I'm unwilling to heap piles of "you should have known better" on them for the issues. Sure I think it was a bullshit move to require always on connectivity, and this is EXACTLY the price you pay for it. But just because they're used to big "must have internet connection" releases does not mean they could ever fully prepare for the tsunami of desirous players panting desperately to get into the game. Or more accurately it doesn't mean they could ever fully prepare for the tsunami of wide eyed, slavering gamers pounding their keyboards in desperation to get into the game AT THE SAME TIME. Like I told someone yesterday though... once you get it, you forget about frustration logging in.


So hey... I'm going to be Streaming tomorrow at 6pm (GMT-7). I'll be working on the Friday comic, Daily Doodle Sponsorships, etc.

I would like see at least 30 viewers. You can watch the feed on GU Live[b]. But if you want to talk to me, and other GU readers, login to the [b]GU uStream channel. There will most likely be music and crass language. So, set your speaker volume accordingly.

I may start a little early, depending on how much morning work I get done. But 6 is the target.

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