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Comic for: July 3rd, 2012
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Gaming News: "Delisting"
Posted: Tuesday July 3rd, 2012 by

Beset game developer THQ is trying to avoid being delisted from the NASDAQ by doing a one for 10 reverse stock split. Right now the company's stock is trading well below the dollar minimum NASDAQ requires for listing. So investors would essentially be merging 10 shares (worth just over 56 cents at the time of this writeup) for 1 share (worth $5.63). [more info]

Now, I've seen this kind of thing before and usually it's just a bandaid on an amputation. You can stem a little of the bloodloss, but the wound isn't healed. THQ will have to spot on perfect moving forward or they will just continue to see the share value drop (it's down 3% on the day already). The company is in trouble and something significant will have to happen to save them.

Note: The art style of today's comic is based heavily on Allison Theus' style for Extra Credits. Not sure why exactly that style came to mind for this comic. But it did... so I ran with it.


Speaking of something significant having to happen...
I think I'm done with GU. I'm working harder and harder but the numbers are still dropping. I'm so stressed I've got to be cutting years off my life. I mean, look at this week alone, I'm struggling to get comics done in advance of what should be a relaxing time away from stuff but as of this morning I was actually considering NOT GOING on vacation with my family. How is that okay? And what would I have gotten out of it? Watching the numbers slide some more? At this point I'm not sure exactly when GU's last day is, but it will be before the year is out. And, I'm seriously considering a week from today, GU's 12 anniversary.

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