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Comic for: July 5th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "The Shed"
Posted: Thursday July 5th, 2012 by

My neighbors are freakin' stupid. Sorry to be so blunt; but, well, they are. Most of you know about the wildfires that have been so devastating to Colorado. Some of those fires we not so very far from Denver proper. So for the people in this neighborhood, to be shooting off bottle rockets? Completely freakin' stupid.

Except for some minor trim work and a few minor things on the inside, I finished up the shed yesterday. And while I was working on the roofing I heard the neighbors shooting off bottle rockets and firecrackers. Though it's still a bit stupid, firecrackers can be lit in the street without too much concern. But bottle rockets, cheap bottle rockets that is, are nigh uncontrollable. We've only had the tiniest bit of rain and temperatures are still scorching. Shooting fireworks in such a dry environment is incredibly dangerous.

Note: this was written on the 4th, and we left for vacation before the nighttime fireworks began. I have huge concerns because several of our neighbors put on huge spectacles. How huge? Last year I found 6" long 1.5" cardboard casings in my yard.

Speaking of being on vacation, there will not be a Friday comic. I ran out of time. I will be checking in as we'll have internet access. But, I'm not lugging the Cintiq with me this trip, so no comic from the road. We'll be back Sunday night. So there will be a new comic Monday morning. See you guys then!

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