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Comic for: July 17th, 2012
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The Zapper!: "Eureka"
Posted: Tuesday July 17th, 2012 by

I make no secrets about my love of the television show Eureka. So I've been dreading last night for a while now. See, the SyFy channel has canceled the show to make more room in the budget for more "Reality TV" content. Now I enjoy Destination Truth as much as the next guy; but, it's an exception to the general rule. And I'd rather have Eureka than any other programming SyFy offers. I guess next they'll cut Warehouse 13 to give us more garbage like [show name removed].

If you're curious, this was not the first comic I worked on today. I'd gone a completely different direction, not wanting to Zap! Eureka. I'd made a pop culture reference to a book I ultimately decided didn't need any more attention. And after reading a few excerpts (so as not to be completely unfair) I couldn't bring myself to even talk about it on these forums. I've read some crap in my day, but what I read from this "book" was miserable. Ugh, even calling it a book feels wrong in my mouth. I don't think it deserves the classification. Some new word needs to be created for it that means juvenile garbage, ignorant of its source material, written by an inept knuckle-typer with the vocabulary of a porcupine clueless to the irony of being covered in "quills".

But that's just me.

So long Eureka, you'll be sorely missed.

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