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Comic for: July 27th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "Change"
Posted: Friday July 27th, 2012 by

Living with me isn't always an easy thing. Ask Taks I'm sure she could tell you some stories. But I doubt I've had any kind of major impact on her belief structures. We're both pretty stubborn. I'm sure the same would be true of Ted if, you know, he actually existed.

So let's talk about those examples Ted gave. As the father of a toddler, it bothers me every time I see a commercial, tv show, or movie where the dad is made out to be incompetent. So it makes me happy on the rare occasions when I see a father shown as loving, helpful, and attentive.

I have recently seen a photo, presumably taken at Walmart, where an endcap was loaded with zombie survival gear, video games, and movies. The response by others was "genius" but I kind of shrugged it off. Dunno what that's about. I think I might just need a break from all the zombie hype for a while.

Finally, the "Aisle of Man". Yes it's a real thing. A super market in Manhattan has decided to dedicate an aisle in their store to items of interest to men. Now, I'm no cooking guru or anything of that nature. And I admit that sometimes I get frustrated when I can't find something I'm looking for. But it has never been a male specific item or a bag of freakin' doritos that I couldn't locate.


So hey we're going to give something a trial run on the forums next week.

I'm going to do the writeup and maybe some game related articles, but I'm going to remain "hands off" after I click submit unless I'm asked a question specifically. If something goes awry, it will be up to you guys to email or PM me to ask me to step in to moderate something. I want to see if I really am the reason you guys don't post new threads.

If new thread creation increases and you guys start actively discussing things, then I'll do my best to find someone else to moderate the forums and I'll step away so as to not hinder the sense of community. Just remember, if you need me for something... email or PM.

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