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Comic for: September 5th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "The Sickness"
Posted: Wednesday September 5th, 2012 by

I read quite a few messages from folks happily proclaiming that they had avoided PAX POX this year. Now, a few days later many of them are recanting their statements and/or talking about their symptoms.

Since I mentioned PAX POX not too long ago, it felt natural to do a follow up. And of course, in my world, one of the symptoms is to be turned into a Penny Arcade character. Worse things could happen I guess.

The other thing that PAX attendees mentioned repeatedly was how awesome it was. There seems to be a bit of sadness that follows in the wake of PAX coming to close each year. To me this means PAX is a solid show that attendees just don't want to end. That's a good thing. I can honestly say I've never felt that way about a convention. Usually by the end of a Con, the only thing I can think of is home. So yeah, maybe one day I'll give in and go. I'm looking at you Australia. We'll just have to see.


You know those paracord bracelets? Well, a friend of GU makes them. She has an Etsy store. Here's the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KnotKrazy. Pay a visit or some such.

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