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Comic for: November 1st, 2012
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PSP Vita: "Sexist"
Posted: Thursday November 1st, 2012 by

Six years ago, Sony promoted the original PSP getting a white body variant with an advertisement they didn't realize could be seen as racist. Now, they've released an ad promoting the PS Vita that sports the french tagline "Duex faces tactiles. Deux fois plus de sensations." Loosely translated that means "Touch both sides. Twice the sensation." Accompanying that tagline is a female form, head cropped off the page, with breasts on her chest and back. [more info]

Now, I like boobies. I freely admit as much. But I know full well that when you crop a person's head out of an image so that you can focus the attention on -different- physical attributes, it's going to be perceived as sexist. When you add a second set of breasts to the female form, that's also going to be considered sexist. When you combine those two sexist concepts into a single sexist image promoting the idea that you can play a hand held system by rubbing both sides of the device... you're no longer being sexist, you're being an asshole.

I wasn't overly interested in the Vita to begin with, but now it's an absolute "will not own". That means even if someone gave me one, it would be returned. Probably for a 3DS. Just saying.


Most of you probably weren't aware that Taks lost her job a couple of months ago. Now she's trying desperately to make a business out of something she loves: Cooking. She's set up an IndieGoGo project in attempt to raise the capital she needs to get started. By law she can only operate this business within the state of Colorado (where we live), so please be aware of that before contributing.

If you're still interested in chipping in though, you can find her effort here:
Let's get Fancy! at IndieGoGo

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