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Comic for: December 4th, 2012
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Burrito"
Posted: Tuesday December 4th, 2012 by

A bit more D&D love. Chauncey mentioned the other joke idea to come out of the Sunday game in yesterday's writeup. Ruining the joke today for everyone. Good job Chauncey. Geez.

No seriously, I considered this for yesterday's comic, but it got washed away as soon as the "throw rocks into a gelatinous cube" idea came about. And it wouldn't be here now if gaming news hadn't sucked today.

Here's the story...
We're hot on the heels of an asshat that has messed with us in the past. We bumped into him again and he managed to crack a magical crystal and escape. But we saw the door his associate ran through. It was barred from the other side, and took us three hours to chop a tiny hole through which the gnome (played by Taks) could fit. This decision ultimately lead us into the squishy maw of the Gelatinous Cube we talked about yesterday.

Alrighty, there's the D&D Love. Maybe there will be more in weeks to come if the heathens I throw dice with can dial back the potty humor and foul language. In typing those last eight words I realized exactly how unlikely it is.

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