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Comic for: December 7th, 2012
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Mouse Guard: "Old Joke"
Posted: Friday December 7th, 2012 by

In light of the massive amount of Christmas work I have to do, the group decidedly last night to give me a DMing break and we played Mouse Guard, GMed by our pal Chauncey.

Mouse Guard is an interesting tabletop RPG system. It focuses much more heavily on roleplay, group coordination, and talking out actions. It's an interesting dynamic. Sure there's still some dice rolling. There always is.

Now, one of the joys of this game world is the fact that you're playing as mice. So the "monsters" are other regular animals. But from a Mouse perspective, something like a Bullfrog is an intense foe. It's large and can swallow you whole. And that was our fist conflict. We were trying to traverse an area of mud, but failed the check. The GM's option was to let us fail, or let us pass with consequences. The Bullfrog was our consequence and he almost beat us.

Now, I lobbed that "how deep should we bury the body" comment hoping someone knew what I was shooting for. Taks picked up on it. She knows me so well.

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