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Comic for: December 19th, 2012
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League of Legends: "Darius McTedYoda"
Posted: Wednesday December 19th, 2012 by

People have been asking me for quite some time to do a comic about League of Legends. The problem is that I'm terrible at playing most games. RTS, FPS, side-scrolling platformer, scrabble... it doesn't matter. I'm terrible.

This might be due, in part, because I play games to have fun. I'm not focused on "winning". As long as I'm enjoying my time, I'm getting what I need out of a game. Having to play with/against people that don't understand that notion, doesn't work for me. That's why I tend to avoid games like LoL. Well that... and it's no fun losing ALL the time.


Christmas is closing in and I'm running out of time to get these commissions done. But I want to assure the last few of you with open Christmas projects that I'm working furiously and WILL have them all done on time. Just keep in mind, that GU-ized images are 6x6 inches, Half Body images are 8x6 inches, and Full Body images are 8x10 inches. So if you want to go ahead and grab a frame, there are the dimensions you'll be working with.

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