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Comic for: February 11th, 2013
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Be Specific"
Posted: Monday February 11th, 2013 by

Last night was the first session of our new campaign. If there were thoughts going in that Thunk might be a beast,last night confirmed it. He doesn't have any dailies, and his damage doesn't vary wildly from one hit to the next. But when, on average, you're starting with +20 to hit (before you drop dice) and are doing 24 points of damage. Monster start to take note. The trade off is in defenses. At level 10 I could be doing better, but it doesn't fit my class and our defender can only mark one target at a time. So, I'm constantly at risk. I racked up a lot of damage. Luckily Taks was there with heals all night.

An unfortunate side effect of Thunk's monstrous consistency though is that the DM is already feeling the need to ramp the monster up. This scares me. The DM rolls well. If he ramps monsters up a hair too far, he'll decimate the party in no time. And I just don't have the defense or hitpoints to keep everyone alive. Which is, in part, why I'm playing this character. "Keep everyone alive" is my usual role either by healing, controlling the battlefield, or waltzing into combat to grab attention, giving the others the opportunity to get out of harms way. With Thunk, not so much.


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