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Comic for: March 13th, 2013
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Throwing Dice"
Posted: Wednesday March 13th, 2013 by

In a previous D&D session we were tasked to stand guard while an enemy of the crown was executed. Before the axe dropped some of the convicted's friends step out of the crowd and start a ruckus. As with most D&D campaigns, the one who was to be executed escaped and were left to clean up his friends.

Outnumbered, we move in to our most optimum positions. The Psion squared off with one of their crossbowmen, trying to drop him while he takes pot shots at us. Once the Psion got his attention the two squared off for one of the most ineffective man-on-man fights I've ever seen. The player and the DM threw dice round after round, each missing over and over again. In the DM's estimation they were just casually lobbing crap and yelling "pew pew" at each other. Thus the comic. It doesn't do the amount of low-roll misses any justice, but now the exchange is forever etched into the annals of GU history.


Fan of card games that I am, I stumbled upon a new Kickstarter today from the guys that made Get Bit! It's a "prequel", kinda, called Walk the Plank. You're a pirate and the captain has decided that all but two of his crew must walk the plank, falling to their demise in shark infested water. The goal is to push, trip, add planks, etc. until you're one of the last two crew members standing. It looks fun and has already funded. So all you have to do is toss in a few bucks and wait while the stretch goals net you more goodies. Here's the link:
Walk The Plank! -Pirate Card Game (Get Bit! Prequel) on Kickstarter.

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