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Comic for: April 22nd, 2013
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Dungeons & Dragons: "The Tunnel"
Posted: Monday April 22nd, 2013 by

In our Sunday night sessions we've been bumping into members of the same group of pirates over and over again. Last week we found ourselves at a dead end, with a collapsed hallway. The guy we're after (he'd stolen a magical anvil from one of the towns we're associated with) was cornered but surrounded by big meany-pants monsters. We downed then. Interrogated our quarry. We were told that the tunnel lead to the ocean. We assumed that meant they were headed down to pirate ships with the anvil. We briefly discussed digging through the tunnel, heading down to the water, commandeering a boat, etc etc etc. In the end we decided to have Thunk lug the thing to a cart we'd seen earlier. Wheeled it back to the city it was stolen from, captive in tow, to collect our experience and reward.

I know I've intimated it before, but I'm really enjoying playing Thunk. Usually I'm in the mix, discussing strategy, problem solving, fretting over what to do next. With Thunk, there's none of that. I tend to ignore our discussions with NPCs because Thunk doesn't really have the mind to hold on to such things. And when it comes time to fight, swing until the baddies stop moving. There's no subtlety in it. No call for deep reasoning. Roll the dice with an average of +20 to hit, roll up the damage, move on to the next target. And watching a crit come up is a thing of beauty. It's just plain damn fun to play him especially considering between fights I get to chew on a boot and play with my stuffed owlbear dolly.


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