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Comic for: May 11th, 2013
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Hate Speak"
Posted: Saturday May 11th, 2013 by

The people that sit around my table for game nights are clever, witty, intelligent, and given to horrible puns. Now, where I do give disapproving grunts, sighs, and out right denial that the pun even happened, I'm convinced they derive a certain amount of enjoyment from my protestations. And despite what the comic might allude to, I do NOT hate 'almost' everything they say. They amuse me. And then I "kill" their characters repeatedly because they don't have a dedicated healer.

The tall guy on the right is our pal Marz. He ingest stats, abilities, effects, etc. and is able to repeat them back at will. We call him Marz-bot. I promised him that when I put him into a comic I'd draw him as a robot. And so, I have. Also, the guy that I always draw so short in the comic is actually at least a half inch taller than me.


My apologies that the comic wasn't posted on Friday. There aren't any excuses. I had a bad day and nothing seemed funny to me. So I drug my feet all day, talk with the server guy for a while, then boom! It was game time. And, I wasn't exactly proactive on doing the comic today either. **whistles** Sorry about that.

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