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Comic for: June 7th, 2013
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World of Warcraft: "Brawler's Guild"
Posted: Friday June 7th, 2013 by

I'd heard about the Brawler's Guild in WoW. But, I had no idea how you got invited. So I decided to commit to half a minute of research. I found that there were a few ways to attain an invitation, but the one that seemed to make the most sense to me was "The Black Market". 1000 gp bid. I kicked it in. The problem is this: they only put 10 up per day. So it didn't stay at 1000 gp for long. I had to wrestle for it. In the end I paid close to 1600 gp.

While I hovered around the Black Market auctioneer, waiting to throw more money at the invitation, I saw some old friends from Bloody Plunder's early days. They were after a special ring that I failed to jot down the name of. Last time I checked the bid level was 79,000 gp. Pretty sure Pleth (the paladin in the comic with me) won it. But, I can't be certain until I see her online again.

At any rate, I took my invitation. I went to the brawler's guild in Orgrimmar and entered. Got in line for the first fight, and even though I knew what to do, I got my ass handed to me. Repeatedly. Ahhh, money well spent.

--edited to add--

I completely forgot to mention HOW this comic ultimately came about. So I'm standing at the auctioneer monitoring my bid, and because some old friends are there for the ring, I'm monitoring their bid as well. Again, the timer is ticking down and the auction price is at 79,000 gold. At that moment is when a pvp flagged Alliance member comes strolling in. Whoops! Splat. You've got all that gold on the line, you could be outbid at any second, and you're having to deal with pvp flagged folks too? It was insanity. Amusing insanity, but insanity none the less. I did not give in and join the fray... I wanted that invitation.

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