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Comic for: July 9th, 2013
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The Life of Ted!: "Boop."
Posted: Tuesday July 9th, 2013 by

Sorry for dragging out the agony of not knowing. But this is the makeup strip for the one I missed Friday. I wanted to give you more without giving you anything. I know, I know. It's bullshit. Not as big a pile of bullshit as Blizzard testing Real Money Transactions for XP boosts. But still. And yes, Ted says "Boop" every time he ends a call on his "smart" phone.

I enjoyed seeing all of the speculation yesterday. And I really appreciate all the love I got from just about every form of communication I've got. It was really kind. And I appreciate it. And don't worry, all will be revealed SOON. I'd say, you'll probably know everything by Friday. Well not everything, that would defeat the point. But, you'll know enough to not want to smack me for leading you on.

Oh and that quip about Blizzard? Sure it's only a testing phase to see if it'll work in non US or EU regions. [more info] And I've always been an advocate of "if that's how you want to spend you hard earned money dot dot dot". But, this to me feels different. I do have an issue when people can spend money to get ahead in the game. Money for a 100% XP boost or Lesser Charms of Good Fortune? SUUURE! While we're at it though, why not just sell level capped characters in iLevel appropriate gear? Or hey, gold. Why not? If you're going to let a dollar get you through a level faster why not just cut out all the middle men? Okay, I get that I'm tipping toward the extreme. In reality I'm not. Blizzard wants to keep people playing for as long as possible. That means selling us items they think will keep us in the game for another month. Selling level capped characters would limit that. Especially when the person realized that just because you're level 90 with decent gear doesn't mean you can actually play the character effectively. I just worry about the precedent.


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