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Comic for: July 11th, 2013
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The Life of Ted!: "Championship Cups"
Posted: Thursday July 11th, 2013 by

There you have it. Slash Guild Studios has decided to make a game based on Ted's IP, Championship Cups. You guys remember Championship Cups, right? Okay so it might be a bit raw, but that's Ted. It works. I struggled with which city to send him to. I even considered Denver. But, that would lessen the impact of him moving out. It wouldn't even make it "necessary". Sand Diego and San Francisco were the next choices, but they seemed too obvious. After that, Seattle just seemed like the logical choice. And, Slash Guild Studios? Completely made up, but a nod to GU's original name.

So, what does that mean for Ted and GU? The comic is going to shift focus to Ted. He's always been the heart and soul of GU. I intend for that to continue to be the case. The comic will become more story based with vignettes that focus on specific games. Ted's participation in these games will be more obvious than it has been in the past.

Don't worry, Ted and Woody will still play games together. Living in different states won't change that. My character will however spin off into a new series with theKid. That's an announcement for a different day however.


Okay guys...
GU forum regular -and artist- Jepray had a major head injury last year; and, he is still on the road to recovery. He has accumulated nearly two million dollars in medical expenses due to extensive surgeries and expensive procedures. As is the way of things, insurance is not covering all of it. He has been unable to workfor over a year, and is relying on art sales for income. He is supposed to appear as a guest at Space City Con this August, but needs a bit of help to cover airfare ($350).

If you could drop by his gallery and buy some prints of his art, it would be greatly appreciated. If he hits his raises enough, he will be hosting panels and doing on-site commissions of everything from starships to hotrods and muscle cars. Any money beyond the travel costs will be applied to his substantial medical bills.

Here's the link:
Jepray @ DeviantArt

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