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Comic for: August 12th, 2013
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The Life of Ted!: "The It"
Posted: Monday August 12th, 2013 by

There's so much I want to say here, but can't because it would just give away everything you will find out Wednesday. It won't be long now. Just a little more patience. While you wait, here a couple of Kickstarter projects I thought you might be interested in.

GU Reader Jennifer, who you might remember from SaveOnBrew.Com, has a special needs daughter who earned a part in a full length film called Love Land. Well, to get the polish they need for the finished film, the filmakers have gone to Kickstarter in the hopes of securing a bit of last minute funding. You can support Maddy by supporting her film:
Love Land Finishing Funds via Kickstarter


Norwegian GU Reader Amund is working on a "morbid, humoristic puzzle game" about a "mad, depressed, alcoholic wizard/scientist/engineer named Keith" who has accidentally creates a horde of steampunk, zombie cyborgs in an attempt to make new friends... literally. There isn't much time left, but Amund only just told me about the project yesterday.
The Bizarre Creations of Keith via Kickstarter


And here's one from the guys who made Get Bit! and Walk the Plank. It's a dexterity game. Like Jenga but with a twist and a little plastic axe. I'm backing this one because I think theKid will love it. It's silly and simple. But, it looks fun.
Click! Clack! Lumberjack! via Kickstarter

As always, I link these Kickstarter projects because I think you guy will like them or because I want to support someone else's creativity. On some occassions, I get to do both at the same time. I do not make any money, or benefit in any way, from linking them.

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