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Comic for: August 19th, 2013
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Double Dragon: "Left Left Down Down"
Posted: Monday August 19th, 2013 by

Following the "childhood revisited" imagery, I knew I wanted to do a comic from INSIDE the game. But, I didn't just want to use the Lee brothers. That'd be too easy. So, I modified some sprites to look like Ted and I instead. That, of course, left one big question. What Would Ted Do? Well obviously he would manipulate the game in some way to make it suit his own ends even if those "ends" were impossible.

The code, if you change "white" to "black", is a Street Fighter Alpha cheat that does unlock M. Bison. Of course, this couldn't actually happen. Street Fighter is Capcom. Double Dragon was Taito. But, this is Ted we're talking about. He makes magic happen. That's the beauty of Ted, I don't have to obey the rules.

Until I had an NES of my own, I'd never used any kind of controller cheat like this. I'd never even intentionally found an Easter Egg. I didn't read the magazines and I was too busy playing the games to fidget with the buttons until something special happened. Later on I would add a Game Genie to the console and controller cheats weren't necessary anyway. The Game Genie also served to keep me from blowing into the game cartridges all the time, which was nice.

I mentioned Friday that I'd never beaten Double Dragon. In watching some videos to research this comic, I realized I was wrong. I just thought the game was longer than just beating Willy at the end of the 4th stage.


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