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Comic for: November 6th, 2013
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The First Day: "Beard"
Posted: Wednesday November 6th, 2013 by

Today's comic is a game of "how much meaning can Woody stuff into a strip with a single word bubble?" As you all know, GU has been on a bit of a hiatus while I did the single dad thing. But now that Taks is home I don't have to focus all of my attention on driving back and forth to school, errands, and cooking. **grins** So this comic is a jab at myself for being away so long. It's a jab at the traffic conditions in Seattle, which -to the best of my knowledge- doesn't really take a month to drive to work in the morning. And, it's a nod to Movember.

For the six of you that are not aware, Movember is a charity drive where men around the world wave off shaving in an effort to raise awareness (and cash) for prostate and testicular cancer research and mental health challenges. Now, I'm a card carrying beard wearer so I can't really participate in the growing part of Movember because, well, I just can't make myself go clean shaven. But I can link you guys to the Movember website and encourage you to get involved yourselves...
Movember '13

As far as I know, today is the day we find out the gender of theNewb. He/She was "shy" last time and wouldn't let us know. But with only 6 weeks left, the sonographer might now give us the time to find out. Did you guys know how busy those folks are? I had no idea. Anywho since it's been a mystery this long, we're not going to tell anyone if we do find out. Mostly because it doesn't matter; but, partly because we're not fixated on the antiquated idea of associating specific colors with a baby because of its gender. I'm an artist dammit; I like colors. I don't want to be limited by someone else's hangups.

And finally, be on the lookout for more comics on the site. I'm pretty sure I'll be going back to 5/week. As much as I like the idea of doing the Ted story line, I miss the old one and done comics. So I'm going to do "Oneshots" whenever the mood hits me. The plan is to establish a separate section of the websites where we'll collect these, and maybe eventually we'll just divide the site up entirely since there are so many different comic ideas I want to pursue. So yeah, the time for all of that is upon us.

Thanks for being patient during my absence!

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