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Comic for: November 15th, 2013
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Championship Cups: "Soul"
Posted: Friday November 15th, 2013 by

There was no "Soul" to Championship Cups until just before I started drawing this comic. I was going to bypass the idea and save it for later. But, it felt a bit too abrupt. So I did exactly what the old comic suggested and removed boobies from what Ted described. What was left was a game I wouldn't actually mind playing. Simple yeah. But, that's not always a bad thing, right?

Speaking of games have you guys seen the Humble WB Bundle? Purchase the main four games for any donation amount you're comfortable with. Pay more than the average -currently $4.73- and get 4 additional games and 4 DLC packs for other WB games.
The Humble WB Bundle
Main Bundle...
Batman: Arkham Asylum - Game of the Year Edition, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, F.E.A.R. 3, Lord of the Rings: War in the North
Scribblenauts Unlimited, Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition, F.E.A.R., Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, Guardians of Middle Earth + DLC, Lord of the Rings: Steely Daawn Starter Pack, Gotham City Imposters: Professional Kit, The Millennium Skins Pack for Batman: Arkham Origins

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