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Comic for: November 20th, 2013
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Championship Cups: "The Way It Is (11/20)"
Posted: Wednesday November 20th, 2013 by

I doubt there's many of us, in the creative professions and otherwise, that haven't run head long into this issue before. You may believe your concept is genius. Others might even agree with you. But, when it comes right down to it, if your "superiors" (or clients) don't believe the idea will fly (or sell in this particular instance), it's going to undergo some modifications. I have taken on commissions where details were lacking and I was encouraged to "do what [I] thought was best" and the sketch I delivered wasn't what the client wanted. Then again, I've also had commissions where I've drawn EXACTLY what the client has described and it somehow wasn't what they had in mind. So obviously this situation isn't a new thing for me. It's exactly why big commissions have "sketch approval" before I move on to ink and color. In the ten or so years I've been accepting commissions I have only two outright refusals where the commission was shuttered entirely after the sketch. And one of those is a sketch I still love to this day. Which is saying something since it was from 2003 and most of the commissions from back then drive me crazy. I gave the client her money back and basically stamped it as "mine". Maybe I'll the image; because, well, you guys seem to like looking at this stuff.

I'm not one of those guys that believes the client/customer/boss is always right. I do my best to guide commission client in a direction that I think will result in the best final image I can deliver. But in the end I approach the situation like this: someone is giving me their hard earned money to make what's in their head come to life. If I can't be bothered to make changes in pursuit of that goal I don't deserve their money and shouldn't have agreed to take the commission in the first place.

Speaking of commissions...
I know I haven't offered them this year and time is now tight to get Christmas commissions in. But I currently have one commission on my plate and would be happy to take some more. I've drawn grandpas as Grinches, brother-in-laws in pink bunny suits (a la "Christmas Story"), and a wealth of non pop-culture, holiday-related stuff over the years as Christmas presents. Even the simple stuff seems, from my end at least, to go over well. If you think you'd like to commission something for someone for Christmas, hit me up. I can meet almost any budget.

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