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Comic for: March 31st, 2014
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Hearthstone: "Scarlet"
Posted: Monday March 31st, 2014 by

I've mentioned my aversion to Hearthstone before, and even with the Hearthsteed carrot-on-a-stick, I wasn't interested in playing. And a few nights ago, I randomly decided to try the game again, with no intention of getting the mount. Played four games; won two. Then I figured hell, if it was going to be that easy I might as well get the third win real quick. Several frustrating hours later, I was still without the third win. Match after match I laid waste to my opponent being at 23 hit points to their 11 (on average) then their special cards would come out and they were so powerful I was quickly sent packing, another loss for my effort. Having not purchased any special cards, I was just a plump goose ready for plucking. In one match I was literally at 27 hit points and my opponent was at 8 hit points. On his very next turn my opponent ended up at 26 hp and I was down to 5. Just like that. And because I didn't have a high end minion with taunt waiting to be played, there was nothing I could do to prevent another loss. If I had the option of conceding the match, I would have. It was ridiculous. I have no cards in my deck that could turn the tide like that.

So yeah, the chances of me playing Hearthstone again, ever, is really quite slim. There's a difference between effective deck building and getting annihilated because you haven't thrown money at the game. NOW... don't get me wrong here. I'm not faulting Blizzard. It's a viable business model. I saw it work, for a while at least, in Free Realms. I've got to say from a UI and game design perspective, Hearthstone is better. So if you're into card building games, get on it. I just won't be joining you.

Side note... I initially drew Grek wearing the Carol Burnett "Gone with the Wind" dress. But I figured that might be a bit outside of most current gamers' frame of comedic reference. Not that quoting Scarlett O'hara is that much better. But hey... it's what came to mind. **shrugs**

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