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Comic for: May 1st, 2014
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Elder Scrolls Online: "Combat"
Posted: Thursday May 1st, 2014 by

In a recent "State of the Game Address", Matt Firor, president of Zenimax Online Studios - developers of the Elder Scrolls Online, said the company has been continuously combating gold spammers and bots since the game's release. Matt also revealed that as much as 85% of the customer service calls and emails are dealing with "black market profiteering" and the issues associated with those practices. [more info]

Every MMO has dealt with it. And, like ESO, most of them are still dealing with it in one form or another. But, gold spammers are as persistent as they are pervasive. Every time ZeniMax steps in front of them they move to another scheme. There is not telling how long this process will go on before it can be considered "under control". And, until that point, Customer Service is going to continue to lag as will hot fixes and updates, while developers are tasked with tackling issues the gold spammers are creating.

So what's the joke here? Well, I've read a lot of reviews of the game in its current state. And, the more I read the more I realize that there is an expectation applied to the game. I get the sense that players wanted ESO to innovate and bring something new to the MMO plate. As best as I can tell, it did not. It seems to have fallen victim to the terrible MMO trope monster. Here's the thing though, I feel very strongly that ZeniMax will learn quickly and adapt. I'd be shocked if ESO felt the same way in a year as it does right now.


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