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Comic for: January 2nd, 2015
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World of Warcraft: "Those Poor Animals"
Posted: Friday January 2nd, 2015 by

The adult in me knows what they meant. The kid in me doesn't care.

If you're confused, the achievement is referring to animal husbandry - the science of breeding and caring for animals. I, of course, am intimating that my man Altul is marrying animals. Sure, it's a cheap shot. But, all I said in guild chat was "heh" and he told me to "shut up". That means he was thinking the same thing.

So my plans for the front page changes and Patreon have been delayed by a crashed C: drive and an intense wrestling matching between my Host and my FTP client. I'll get it squared away soon enough though. That hard drive has been home to the operating system of GU's work computers for the last decade. It deserves its retirement. It's in an enclosure beside me right now as I slowly sift through the corruption to grab the very few things of value that were on it.

From here on out there will be comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If the Patreon thing goes well, we'll move to 5 days a week again. And, that doesn't include Sketch Dailies and such as I split GU's duties to cover the comics and my other artwork. Hopefully you guys won't mind their inclusion.

What amused me today is how out of practice I am. It took me hours to ink and color beyond the hours I usually spend. Whoops. **laughs**

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