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Comic for: June 8th, 2015
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World of Warcraft: "Those Poor Animals II"
Posted: Monday June 8th, 2015 by

5 months later; and, I've finally fallen victim to my own "joke". [more info]

You know the story. A couple of weeks ago, while bored, I scrapped my War Mill for the Stables. So, with little else to distract me, I've gone through the process of collecting the new mounts. Yesterday, I got the Intro to "Husbandry" and "Advanced Husbandry" achievements and couldn't resist the urge to turn the joke back on myself. Searching out the 40 some odd mounts I need for the next mount achievement is the thing that drives me now, I guess. But, it's not really the "thing that drives me" if I'm not all gung ho about it like I was with the battle pets yeah?

**shrugs** Meh. I dunno. I've got through 7/22 purchased in WoW Tokens. We'll see how I feel about it all then.


In other big news, I've gotten the tiers, milestones, and script ready for Patreon. I just have to find enough time, where with all, software to make my intro video happen. I'm not interested in recording myself, though I have come to terms with my "accent" of late, and I've dropped over 30 pounds. I'm feeling good overall. I'd still rather it be animated. I've got Extra Credits style in mind.

All that said, if you were going to become a Patreon member for a few bucks a month, what kind of rewards would you like to see? Picking which games I do comics about? Discounts on commissions? Prints? Voting on what Sketch Dailies I do? Hangouts? Live Streaming? And, in terms of milestones, there's only ONE I have in mind: 5 comics a week. Maybe, MAYBE, no ads. I dunno. We'll have to see. I'd just like to hear from you guys on it since you're the ones that convinced me to consider Patreon in the first place, and, well... to be blunt, the ones paying.

I'd like to hear what YOU guys think. So, please post.

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