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Comic for: August 13th, 2015
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Gaming News: "At the Center"
Posted: Thursday August 13th, 2015 by

To hear Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Head of Xbox, tell it, the company is putting gamers at the center of their gaming strategy. Since stepping into the position Spencer has been blurring the lines between Xbox and PC gaming at every run-on sentence laden speech he's given. [more info] But, Microsoft's direction, from my perspective, is no different than it was with the original Xbox's launch. They want to be in your living room. Though that carries a certain "entertainment" connotation, it's more than that. I think Microsoft literally wants to be in your house, taking notes about the food you eat, the things you say, the shows you watch, the people you call, etc. So having an executive say something like "putting gamers at the center" should probably be read as "we think we found our way in".

As for the comic, I assume a lot by just putting in the acronym for a "Blue Screen of Death". It's an archaic term at this point. But it has become part of our computer lexicon whether we're PC users or not. I've not actually seen a BSOD in a long time. So long in fact that I just assumed it had been removed as a potential result from current iterations of the Windows operating systems. But no, a quick search reveals this not to be the case. Windows 8 topped the "stop error" screen with a sad face emoticon. And, if I read reports correctly, Windows 10 currently pops up a window that reads "Something happened" in white text over a blue background. That's it. No details. "Something" happened. I eye-rolled just then. You couldn't see it; but, I totally did.

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