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Comic for: August 24th, 2015
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Star Citizen: "Refunds"
Posted: Monday August 24th, 2015 by

It seems that Cloud Imperium Games is giving some Star Citizen backers their money back. With most of the grumpiness centering around the delayed module releases, as many as 25% of those backers have expressed interest in a refund. Now they consumer agreement doesn't really allow for refunds. But, Chris Roberts, founder of CIG, says the company doesn't want people to be a part of the project if they're not happy. Though, apparently, only those folks capable of reaching out in a rational manner need apply. [more info]

Now, I can't say I disagree with the desire to get one's money back if they feel they are not getting what they've paid for. But Kickstarter is not a grocery store; it's an communal investment house. The existence of the product is not guaranteed. You're throwing money at a thought bubble. That's why I've never backed a Kickstarter campaign that I wasn't prepared to lose my money on. Thus far, I've not been burnt. But, the day will come; and, I fully expect to shrug off the loss. Sure, I'll probably write a comic about it. But at that point at least it would have served as content.

As of today there is only one project outstanding for me. Its estimated delivery date is this coming December.

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