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Comic for: September 10th, 2015
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Everquest: "The Weeknd"
Posted: Thursday September 10th, 2015 by

I can't remember the reason for it, but someone asked me recently to do an EQ comic. SOE -> Daybreak have washed their hands of me and GU. They won't talk to me about EQ Next. So I haven't felt compelled to promote any of their products. This joke, however, was irresistible.

The song in the comic is "Can't Feel My Face" by the Weeknd. It's not my favorite; but, it's catchy to be sure. I didn't even know it existed until Tom Cruise lip synced it on the Tonight Show. Now it seems to be on every time I turn around. **shrugs** Pop culture references are a GU tradition.

As for the Everquest veneer... consider it a nod to throw back thursday.

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