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Comic for: October 3rd, 2015
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Star Wars: "Heartstrings"
Posted: Saturday October 3rd, 2015 by

So, I was thinking about the Force Awakens today...

TheBoy likes Star Wars. Maybe not to the same extent I did when I was his age, but that's okay. He's grown up in a world of Spiderman, Harry Potter, Avengers, and the like. He's seen special effects that pretty much look real, all his life. That's what Star Wars was for me. So, I understand. Sure it looks a little dated now. But, at the time, it was unlike anything I'd ever seen.

In thinking about Episode VII, imagining sitting there in a theater with him, experiencing Star Wars on the big screen, sharing the same moments of awe and wonder, it suddenly occurred to me that there was a lump in my throat. I actually had to take a moment to consider "what if I cry"? Sitting in a movie theater watching a silly sci-fi flick, what if the moment gets me again? Now, I'm not one to hide my emotions. Oh, I admit, I'm a huge softy. But, tears aren't a thing I do very often. It usually takes a truly beautiful or heart wrenching moment to bring me to tears... with one, significant exception. Anything that makes me think of my own kids can set me off.

The amusing thing about this entire mental exercise though, this big what if, is that it banks on the idea that Episode VII will live up to my hopes. If it's terrible, or worse, if it's no better than the prequels, then all this self examination would be for naught. In that instance there will only be a heavy sigh of resignation. For the moment though, I choose not to accept that possibility. This movie is going to harken back to those original three in a way that feeds our nostalgia. And I'm going to be sitting beside my boy when it happens.

Note: Though Taks and theBaby aren't represented in the writeup, trust me, they'll be right there with us.

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