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Comic for: December 18th, 2015
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Star Wars: "Spoilers!"
Posted: Friday December 18th, 2015 by

It seems like everyone everywhere, all they're talking about is Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Even sites where it's not exactly applicable to their content are reaching for ways to make it relate. And, I don't mind a bit. As long as they leave the spoilers out, I'm content. I have not, as of yet, seen the movie. But, now that spoiler-free reviews have begun circulating, I've started inching forward in my seat. Anticipation will invariably get the better of me. I'll go see it. And, I promise not to spoil anything.

If you've already seen it, please feel free to tell us what you thought. No spoilers though, please.

From now until the 1st... It's my "I over-spent at the Holidays" sale! 50% off through the new year.
If you need a last minute gift, I can squeeze 4-5 GU-izations into this weekend. Larger Commissions, unfortunately, will take a bit too much time to get done before Christmas. I'd do my best, but couldn't make any promises.


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